Cotton vs Cvc vs Drifit: Which fabric is best for custom shirt printing in the Philippines

The choice between the three most commonly used shirt fabric mainly depends on your customized shirt requirements.

Navy blue shirt with front direct to film dtf printing in Manila Philippines

100% Cotton:

100% cotton fabric is the most comfortable among the three. The fabric is extremely gentle, light and soft because it is made of 100 % combed cotton. Cotton is also the most breathable. While cotton polyester blend (cvc) has the advantage over cotton, the latter is also durable. The fabric drops down perfectly like it does not dictate its own shape.

If you’re primarily after comfort, fitting and elegance, we suggest the 100% cotton shirt fabric.


black cotton blend cvc polyester shirt with front dtf print in Manila Philippines

Cotton-blend (CVC / Cotton polyester):

This t-shirt fabric has the perfect mix of comfort and durability. The CVC / cotton-poly is a blend of cotton and polyester fabrics. Cotton is known for its comfort, breathability and softness, while polyester fabric being extremely tough, durable and lasting, almost never shrinks or deforms.  While cotton has the slight comfort and breathability edge, cvc takes the cake when it comes to it being lightweight and with the lesser tendency to wrinkle


Navy blue drifit shirt with print Manila Philippines


Because of it being 100% polyester, drifit is the recommended fabric for one who likes to keep dry and cool. Not only does it regulate temperature perfectly, it also is soft enough and is undisputedly the best among the three when it comes to withstanding stretching.


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