Digital printing methods for small volume orders in the Philippines


Sports gray pull over hoodie with direct to film printing Lamudi Manila Philippines

How about for hoodie or shirt orders less than 50 pcs? This is where the various digital print method options come in.

Digital print methods were developed for, among other reasons, primarily to cater to small volume orders. Because using screen-printing would result in a very expensive cost per piece for short production runs, the use of digital print methods addresses this issue. A single piece custom shirt order that uses digital printing costs a lot less than one that makes use of screen-printing.

There are various types of digital print methods, the most widely used ones in the Philippines being Pigment heat transfer paper, Sublimation, Vinyl, Direct to garment (dtg) and the new and emerging method Direct to film (dtf). Each method comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. SJ Manila prefers using dtf for our small volume printing services.

If this is the case then why not just use digital print methods for every custom order, small or big? This is because while digital printing costs less for retail (small volume) orders, a bigger volume order won’t affect pricing. This is unlike screen-printing where, as the volume goes higher, the price goes lower.

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