Direct to Film (DTF) printing in the Philippines

Black shirt with front Direct to Film (DTF) print in Manila Philippines

The pros:

Direct to film or DTF printing is SJ Manila’s digital printing method of choice for small volume / short production run orders. Direct to film, a fairly new print method being used in the Philippines shares most of the positive characteristics of direct to garment printing and much more. Unlike dtg, DTF’s print color is a lot more vibrant, faithful and accurate to how the print file resource is. Also, not like dtg, dtf can be used on almost all types of shirt and hoodie fabric material, 100% cotton, heavy cotton, cotton-fleece, cotton-polyester blend (cvc) and 100% polyester.

Versus pigment heat transfer paper, dtf doesn’t have the ‘paper glued on fabric’ feel to it as it has a much thinner finish that is much closer to screen-printing’s. In contrast with vinyl print method, dtf offers an almost infinite number of colors for your customized / personalized shirt and hoodie orders. Also, DTF can print the smallest print details required by the design. Lastly dtf costs a little lower per piece vs dtg.

The Cons:

While DTF’s print finish durability is at par or even a little better than most digital printing methods, it still can’t be compared to screen-printing’s. DTF’s print finish may crack or peel with improper care, excessive washing and violent stretching on the print area. Although not as fast as with pigment heat transfer paper or sublimation, the print’s color will also eventually fade over time.

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