Direct to Garment printing in the Philippines

Black shirt with front direct to garment printing in Manila Philippines

The pros:

This print method is one of the better and suggested options for short production run, quick turnaround orders with photograph level detailed designs. As for costing, like all digital small volume print methods save for vinyl printing, colors per design doesn’t affect the overall price for dtg.

The Cons:

Direct to garment application is usually limited to mostly cotton garments. When used on dark fabric, print finish appears less vibrant versus all other print methods (except for sublimation). This method’s print finish durability also heavily depends on a print personnel’s level of technical skill and mastery of dtg otherwise the finish on the customized t-shirt may end up having a less than acceptable durability. Lastly, using dtg print method may limit one as to the placements where they can have their designs printed on. There are but just a few reasons why we find Direct to Film slightly superior vs DTG.

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