Pigment heat transfer paper printing in the Philippines

Black pull over hoodie with 7-Eleven Philippines printing in Manila

The pros:

This is probably one of the most commonly used digital print method in the Philippines. You’ll usually see this method used in mall stalls offering custom / personalized t-shirt printing for clients who need rush, temporary custom printed shirts for a short term event. This is because production is easy and cheap as it only requires 2 main things, an inkjet printer and a heat press. For this method, the number of colors per design doesn’t affect the pricing. Another reason why a good number of Philippine-based printers use this method is its ability to produce accurate, detailed and quality image prints.

The cons:

Pigment heat transfer has a ‘paper glued on shirt’ print finish feel which shouts cheap and disposable. The paper that is literally glued on the fabric eventually becomes ‘brittle’, cracks and the corners peel off over time. The image printed on the transferred paper meanwhile will surely fade eventually with or without proper care. We find these cons enough reasons for us to prefer DTF over Pigment heat transfer printing.

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