Silkscreen / screen-printing method for big volume orders in the Philippines

Black cotton shirt with screen printed design

Costing with screen-printing is determined by the number of required ‘frames’ to be used in printing.

The number of frames are determined by a.) The number of colors required per design, b.) the unique placement of the print and c.) specific design details i.e.: measurement and actual image.

So, if say you have 2 (two) different one-color designs one of which is to be printed on the front and the other on the back of a customized t-shirt or hoodie, the total number of frames needed for this would be 2 (two) as well since the front print requires one frame and the back another frame.

Any minute difference in print size, even if the design and color used is exactly the same, would still require the use of a unique frame for each print.

Every frame used requires time and extensive labor for it’s preparation, not to mention a significant cost for the materials. So this is precisely the reason why screen-printing / silkscreen method has that 50 pcs or more minimum order quantity requirement. In effect preparing frames to be used just for a single piece print would come out very costly, so the shirt or hoodie ends up having prices as high as in the thousands of Pesos.

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