Sublimation printing in the Philippines

The pros:

Unlike all the other print methods, sublimation is the only one with a print finish that will never peel off, crack or get brittle. Like Pigment heat transfer, sublimation is also a very popular and widely used print method here in the Philippines because of its cheap price, quick turnaround time and accurate image finish. This method is also very similar to Pigment heat transfer paper because the number of colors per design print does not affect in any way the cost.

The cons:

Incompatibility with high cotton content and dark colored fabric, low color vibrancy print finish, and tendency to fade over time.  Sublimation can only be used on white or light colored polyester / drifit fabric and never on t-shirts and hoodies with a high cotton content. Because of this, it automatically eliminates this option for printing on hoodies and sweatshirts which are usually made of cotton fleece material. This is because unlike polyester, cotton is not able to hold the sublimation ink. The ink will just be absorbed by the fabric. Also, sublimation can only be used on white or very light colored fabric as darker colored fabric tend to heavily ‘overwhelm’ the lighter sublimation ink print resulting to an extremely light to almost inexistent finish on the shirt or hoodie.

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