Vinyl printing method in the Philippines

Navy blue pull over hoodie with vinyl printing in the philippines

The pros:

This method is a little bit better than pigment heat transfer when it comes to durability as it can withstand more punishment that Pigment. The color will also never fade (unless if subjected to excessive bleaching), and the print will less likely crack given proper care.

The cons:

Limited colors, limited image types and inability to print small details on custom shirts and hoodies. This is because this method uses a very different ‘cut and weed’ method unlike all the other digital print methods mentioned here which uses inkjet type printers.

This print method uses solid colored  vinyl ‘films’ where solid images are cut into them like stencil and the excess parts that are not part of the image / design are weeded out. So because of this small details as well as design elements such as fades and gradients are not possible. \

The colors are limited by what vinyl film colors are made available and this is the primary reason why we prefer DTF printing versus vinyl. Lastly, over time the vinyl print on the t-shirt or hoodie fabric gets brittle just like the Pigment heat transfer paper.

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