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Adult // 100% cotton // round neck style


round neck 100% shirt size

W: 44 cm x L: 64 cm

W: 17 in x L: 25 in

W: 47 cm x L: 67 cm

W: 18.5 in x L: 26 in

W: 50 cm x L: 70 cm

W: 19.7 in x L: 27.5 in

W: 53 cm x L: 73 cm

W: 20.8 in x L: 28.7 in

W: 56 cm x L: 75 cm

W: 22 in x L: 29.5 in

W: 59 cm x L: 77 cm

W: 23 in x L: 30 in


Width is measured from left pit to right pit. Length is measured from shoulder to hem (lower edge of shirt).

Please allow for 1-2 cm +/-  difference in measurement.




Adult 100% cotton round neck shirt

As premium as it gets:

Our printable 100% cotton t-shirts are our most comfortable ever. This is tee is extremely comfortable, light and soft because it is made from 100% combed cotton, 100% breathable, and is unbelievably durable too. Having a euro-style fitting, one that is a bit narrower than usual, the designer shirt is an exact fit for the artist in you. The fabric drops down perfectly like it does not dictate its own shape. If you are after comfort, fitting and elegance like only a branded tee can give you, you will definitely love the 100% cotton premium quality round-neck shirt. 

Photos are from actual client customized shirt and hoodie orders

Print method

Direct - to - film (DTF) print method:

The latest in digital printing technology, DTF or  *Direct-To-Film printing method is perfect for your low volume but highly-detailed designs. Direct - to - film (DTF) makes things more simple and often even cheaper as the number of design colors doesn’t affect the price. DTF also offers a superior print finish with its softer, screen - printing -like hand feel vs other digital print methods. It is also not resistant to stretching unlike the older heat transfer paper and vinyl print methods. Our preference to use only the most premium of consumables assures that the prints can last longer on your shirts and hoodies specially when given the proper care.

* Direct to film (DTF) is the only print method applicable for shirt orders less than 50 pcs

Photos are from actual client customized shirt and hoodie orders

Price range estimates //
Direct - to - film (DTF) print method:

Single print (Max a3 print size)

Single (1) piece

P645-P745 each

2-25 pcs

P495-P615 each

26-49 pcs

P299-P445 each

2 prints (Max a3 print size)

Single (1) piece

P695-P795 each

2-25 pcs

P545-P645 each

26-49 pcs

P395-P545 each

*Plus P50 (a4 size design and small) and P90 (above a4 size design) per additional print design