Print method

Digital embroidery

Preferred by clients for its traditional premium finish, embroidery is a favored method for corporate logo designs and branding printed on polo shirts, hoodies and caps. 

Our experienced embroidery technicians follow the latest streamlined digital production workflow with the use of leading software and high end equipment to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Minimum order requirements: 50 pcs per design

The 'digital' in our embroidery

Digital embroidery vs traditional embroidery means three things, accuracy, consistency and efficiency. While digital embroidery has a minimum order quantity requirement of 50 pcs per design, with it's use of state of the art machines and computer programs, it makes sure that the clients get the most consistent output from the first piece to the thousandth'.  Accuracy meanwhile assures that every aspect of the design down to the measurement of the most minute detail will be followed the way the design is supposed to be like.

Photos are from actual client customized shirt and hoodie orders