Print method

Screen-printing / silkscreen

Screen-printing maybe the most preferred method for any type of design / prints. Screen-printing, which uses a tightly placed mesh on a frame, is highly recommended for big volume orders for a high quality, consistent and extremely durable finish. 

Also known as silkscreen printing, most shirt printers use screen-printing method for their production. The difference in our service lies in our use of only the most premium quality inks, our preference for the best equipment available and our digitally programmed screen printing machines for the bigger volume requirements ensuring precision, consistency and production efficiency for your custom designed shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, polo shirts and cap.

Minimum order requirements: 50 pcs per design

Why screen-printing?

If you are primarily after the best value for money with absolutely no compromise on print durability, and a quick production turn-around time then screen-printing is hands down definitely the perfect print method for you. 

You can never go wrong with the most widely used and time-tested garment printing method in the industry. Print technology will always improve, a new print method will always make its way to the market but screen-printing, because of it's efficiency, durability and quality will always and forever be the printing method of choice.

Vs Direct to film printing method

Compared to direct - to - film (dtf) printing method, screen-printing is much more durable and requires much less care. With regards to pricing, because this method is meant for high volume orders, screen-printing costs much less per piece.

Photos are from actual client customized shirt and hoodie orders