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step two pick your shirt fit and style
step 3 customize and inquire


Bring your creative sweatshirt design/s to life!

With SJ Manila, you can now have your own premium quality custom sweatshirt / hoodie. Only 3 easy steps in inquiring for your design.

custom t shirt volume how many pieces manila philippines

Step 1:

How many pieces would you like to inquire for?

Retail or bulk? Pick the sweatshirt volume you'd like to inquire for from the two options below:

A.) Retail (1-49 pcs)

Yes, made possible by our use of not just the latest but leading digital print technologies, we have no minimum order requirements for sweatshirts / hoodies with your custom DIRECT TO FILM printed design/s! You can order or inquire for a single piece hoodie and we'll be glad to provide you a quote for it! 

custom t shirt shirtt fit manila philippines

Step 2: 

Pick your retail volume sweatshirt fit:

Adult-unisex, ladies or kids? Pick your preferred sweatshirt fit below :

Adult - Unisex

Made for everyone. This cotton-fleece sweatshirt fit is perfect for all adults as well as for big kids. Pick a style below to proceed to STEP 3:


A mini version of our cotton-fleece sweatshirts / hoodies suited for the young ones. Pick a style below to proceed to STEP 3:

B.) Bulk (50 pcs and above)

Higher volume means lower price per piece for your hoodie without any compromise on quality, durability and print finish. Bulk orders will always end up having a cheaper price per piece versus retail volume orders with the exact same design. Get the most out of your budget with a bulk volume hoodie / sweatshirt order / inquiry!

custom t shirt shirtt fit manila philippines

Step 2: 

Pick your bulk volume sweatshirt fit:

Adult-unisex, ladies or kids? Pick your preferred sweatshirt fit below :

Adult - Unisex

Made for everyone. This cotton-fleece sweatshirt fit is perfect for all adults as well as for big kids. Pick a style below to proceed to STEP 3:


A mini version of our cotton-fleece sweatshirts / hoodies suited for the young ones. 

hoodie volume order

Customize your sweatshirts:

Made using premium quality cotton fleece fabric, our premium sweatshirts and hoodies remain our corporate and individual clients' favorite go-to customization item/s

It only takes 3 quick and easy steps. First pick your volume. Retail or bulk? Would it be for a group, for your team, for a company or just for you? 

Step two is where you get to pick the fit that best suits you. We have adult-unisex which is perfect for almost everyone, across the board. We also have the ladies fit and the kids fit which is a small scale version of the adult unisex fit.

Lastly for step three, choose the hoodie sweatshirt style that you desire and input your print design, print method, specific volume and inquiry details. Hit submit then receive a quote. That simple, enjoy! 

Custom sweatshirt FAQS:

(Frequently asked questions)

Can I order / inquire for just a single (one) piece hoodie?

Yes, we don't have minimum order quantity requirements for hoodies / sweatshirts with your designs printed using direct-to-film printing method.

I'm not from Metro Manila, heck I'm not even from Luzon, can I still inquire and order my custom hoodies from you?

Definitely! We cater to everyone within the Philippines and we can also have your sweatshirts and hoodies delivered nationwide via different delivery options such as Lalamove / Grab express as well as LBC.

I'm ordering in bulk (more than 50 pcs). Is there a bulk order discount? 

Yes, for bulk orders we can use screen-printing for your design which usually costs cheaper vs all the other print methods and with no compromise on durability. For screen-printing method, the higher the volume the lower the price per piece gets.

What are the possible print methods we can use for our customized hoodies and sweatshirts?

We have three possible print methods we can use for your design depending on your hoodie and sweatshirt order volume. The first is screen-printing method which requires a minimum order of 50 pcs per design. The second is digital embroidery which also requires a minimum order of 50 pcs per design. Lastly we have direct- to-film printing for our digital print method, perfect for orders of any quantity.

Why only three print methods? Why is it that the other printing service companies in the Philippines have more possible print method options like pigment heat transfer paper and vinyl?

While we can always offer more than our usual three print methods, we always make sure that we provide you with only the best print methods in the industry. We have tried and sorted out all the leading print method options first before settling with our top three which can cover nearly every possible requirement a client would need for their personalized design. We don't want to confuse you by adding inferior and redundant options just to be able to have an 'impressive' array of print method choices. For your customizing experience, we at SJ Manila prioritize quality over quantity.

Compare print methods >

What fabric / material do you use for your hoodies and sweatshirts?

Premium quality cotton-fleece fabric.

I want to order but I am not sure about what sweatshirt size best suits me.

We have provided a size measurement chart both in centimeters and inches for all our hoodie / sweatshirt types and styles, and you may find the size measurement chart on our customization page (after you pick your sweatshirt style on STEP 3).

Where can I find your available hoodie sweatshirt colors?

You will find our hoodie / sweatshirt color gallery on our customization page which you will be able to access after STEP 3.

I have an idea for a sweatshirt but I don't know how to design, can SJ Manila help me with it?

Yes, we'll be more than happy to assist with your design! Head on to our Artist assist page here > and message us about your print design requests, instructions and questions.

I have so many questions, instructions and requests for my custom design I'd like to ask and discuss about while I inquire. Is there any other way I can inquire besides using the form on this website?

Sure! You may inquire and order your customized hoodie / sweatshirts outside the customization forms. You may also inquire or order via email ( or even via FB / IG messenger (sjclothingph).

What print method would you suggest if I want the print finish to be as durable and long lasting as possible?

We can assure that all our three print method options (screen-printing, direct-to-film, digital embroidery) can produce very durable and high quality prints with proper care. This is because of our use of only the most premium and industry leading print consumables. 

Among our three print methods meanwhile, the most durable print method that requires the least care is screen-printing which is applicable for orders of 50 pcs and above.

For more info you may check our customization guide articles >

I want screen-printing for my hoodies but I'm just ordering for a single piece. Is it still possible for me to use screen-printing for my low volume order?

While it is technically possible for us to use screen-printing for orders less than 50 pcs, it will end up being very very pricey per piece, estimated at around P2,000 - 3,000 minimum per hoodie sweatshirt depending on the volume and the number of design colors needed. It is because of the tedious labor and costly preparation required to print a unique design. And that is the reason why we don't recommend using screen-printing for low volume orders. 

We have a really good alternative for your low volume orders called Direct-to-film (dtf) printing which is currently taking the industry by storm these past few years. While nothing beats screen-printing when it comes to it requiring very minimal care while maintaining durability, dtf is a great alternative because of its vibrant and sharp print colors as well as it's accurate and quality print texture and thickness finish, which can be comparable to screen-printing's. And hey it is durable too! All those great features but at a way way lower price per piece.

I have other questions related to customization such as your payment methods, delivery, sampling etc. Where can I find details for those topics?

You can read more order details and instructions at our custom hoodies / sweatshirt order guide >

I just got here on the custom hoodie / sweatshirt inquiry page by mistake. I really just wanted to check out and order one of your fan art shirts, where can I do that?

No problem, you may check out our original designed fan art shirts at the SJ Shop >

Why should I trust SJ Manila with my custom hoodies?

We have produced thousands of hoodie sweatshirts and fulfilled a lot of custom orders through the years for local and international companies, schools, organizations as well as individuals. We use only the most premium fabric and materials for our hoodies as well as consumables and equipment for our printing services. 

For our client hoodie sweatshirt order works, you may find them here >, and should you be interested to check out a list of some of our previous and present corporate clients, you may find it here >

SJ Customization guide

How is a custom sweatshirt costing computed? What is a good print method to pick? Check out our customization guide articles if you prefer to learn about the ins and outs of customization first before making an inquiry. 

Read here >

Need print design help?

Want to have your own customized hoodie sweatshirt but need help with your design idea? Tell us how you want your design to be and let our talented graphic designers and artists from SJ Studios help you out! 

(Our layout services for minimal and simple text-based designs are free for custom shirt and hoodie clients only.)